Chapter 4 Not an ordinary lady

There were days in Wonbeom’s life when he avoided his future wife under any excuse he could come up with. The reason did not matter as long as he could be away from the one woman who made him feel so confused about his own feelings.

Being from the Kim clan, Soyong was the incarnation of everything he despised: a corrupt and spoiled woman. Just like her whole family, she didn’t hesitate to bribe the eunuchs to gain more information about the King.

Wonbeom doubted she had ever faced rejection in her life. And he knew his refusal to meet with her probably left her questioning what was wrong with him.

Many things were wrong with Wonbeom: his deceased family, his brokenness and nightmares, his weakness in the eyes of the whole palace… and his dark secret. The one he hid deep down. A secret that could have destroyed him completely: Wonbeom liked that spoiled, cruel woman.

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Chapter 3: Happy together

Wonbeom never dreamed of being the King or leading a rebellion.

But ever since his days in exile, when he survived as a commoner, he did always dream of having a family of his own. It was the purest wish he had in his heart, something to keep him going in life. He might not have been a part of the royal family at the time, but the simple woodcutter and water carrier still had a dream.

A King and woodcutter live different lives, but they have one thing in common: both can start a family. Wonbeom always wanted a big one to fill the void in his heart after losing most of his relatives.

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Chapter 2: The Minefield

“He did it again. Can you believe it?” Soyong furiously paces back and forth by the lake, just in front of the stone with Bong Hwan’s message carved in.

All of her servants keep a healthy distance as they wait on the bridge behind the pavilion. If she hadn’t just shouted, no one would hear her here and she could have some privacy, but Soyong is so angry that she can’t restrain herself.

She is in the final days of her pregnancy: the royal physician says she will deliver the royal baby soon and everyone is fussing about it more than usual. The pressure she feels makes her even more irritated and she finds herself needing to let her steam out — especially when her stubborn husband doesn’t follow her request for distancing.

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Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight

This is the series of one-shots dedicated to the main story Meet me Halfway. Just like
Bamboo Forest eps, I will share here some parts that weren’t included in the main story but belong to that universe.

Also, Meet me is now a series, as I plan to continue this universe with other stories and maybe with some AU’s since the plot changed but some parts were too good to throw away.

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Chapter 1: Winter song

This is flashback chapter after the confession about the spirit and before the labor. Set in December.

Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles as song inspiration Crowned clown promo picture became the major inspiration for this chapter.


Kim Hwan knows he’s not the brightest member of the family, and to some degree, he likes that since no one expects much from him. But he also knows he’s a man of many talents. When he helped the King and Queen win their battle he was finally noticed. He received a government post that allows him to travel often and do what he’s best at – make friends.

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