Every time Cheoljong thinks he finally understands his wife, she proves him completely wrong. He thought that he had figured out why the Queen was so upset with her pregnancy news the first time: the male part of her personality from those times was afraid to lose himself inside a pregnant woman’s body. Both Cheoljong and Soyong thought that Bong Hwan was happy to go home before labor (an opportunity Soyong was a bit jealous of when she felt the full force of her first contractions).

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Chapter 4: Queen’s lover

Every new day without seeing the King feels like torture for Soyong. She promised herself that she would give him space to think everything through, but as time passes by she becomes more and more distressed. She is so anxious these days that Court Lady Choi and Hong Yeon start worrying for her health.

Soyong gave Cheoljong an uneasy task, she understands that. He needs to make an important and life-changing decision. But at the same time, she is scared. She knows now that even without the King’s love she will be able to find her happiness inside the palace. But her heart aches for his love. Craves it.

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Chapter 3: King’s Nightmares

The morning greets the King with a bright sun and clear blue sky. It’s as if the weather reflects his cheerful mood as he’s ready to meet his Queen and ease her worries. He goes straight to Daejojeon Hall1Daejojeon Hall – Queen of Joseon residence after the wedding. in hopes of meeting her for a quick talk before he has to go to a royal conference. But to his disappointment, he discovers she has already left for a walk in the garden. The attendants who have stayed behind to clean up the chamber inform him where she planned to go and he hurries in that direction. The Head Eunuch is of course nagging him that they will be late for the conference, but the King doesn’t listen to him.

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    Daejojeon Hall – Queen of Joseon residence after the wedding.

Chapter 2: King’s decision

Spring has arrived with a clear sky and a soft warm breeze. It’s the perfect weather for walking and spending time outside. Cheoljong decides to spend the day in his favorite pavilion near the lake, where it feels fresh and calming. For the last few days he can’t stop thinking about Soyong’s story. And if he’s being honest with himself, he still doesn’t know how to feel about it.

He decides to go back to the start with the two items now placed on his lower desk: the red ribbon Soyong gave to him when they first met at the palace and the Queen’s Dictionary that he wrote to understand his wife better. He gazes at the two items that symbolize two different people.

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King’s Choice

Kim So Yong tells Cheoljong about Bong Hwan’s departure and raises the question that concerns her the most.

Post-finale serious talk about Bong Hwan that we all missed. As much as I love how the show ended, I hate unresolved questions and I’m sure Soyong shared her experience with Cheoljong. She is a person who didn’t want to live in a lie, so I have zero doubts she never told her husband about the chef.

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Chapter 1: Queen’s Offer

It’s never a good sign when someone says “we need to talk.” Not for the 19th century nor the 21st. But Soyong knows it’s necessary, and she refuses to be chased into a corner by her fears. Not now, when she’s finally found her true self. She is free from her clan and certain of her own values and dreams. Now she’s going to raise the question that concerns her the most, the question that jeopardizes her continued happiness.

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