Meet me halfway

After our royal couple successfully defeated the Andong Kim and Pungyang Jo clans, life was supposed to be easy for them. But of course, nothing is easy with a woman like Queen Kim Soyong. As she tells the King about the possession with Jang Bong Hwan’s spirit, difficult times start for their marriage. While Soyong believes the King never loved her, Cheoljong struggles to understand his wife once more, as she keeps avoiding him.

But fate comes to the rescue and gives the royal couple the perfect opportunity to finally resolve all their conflicts.

As the tags say, Jang Bong Hwan is only mentioned in this story, but he’s going to be mentioned a lot. This is a YongBeom story from the beginning until the end.

As always, special thanks to my beta @blushmilktea, you are the best!

Disclaimer: all characters of “Mr.Queen” (“Queen Cheorin”) tv show doesn’t belong to me, I have no financial profit from those stories. All characters and settings of the show belong to the rightful owners and creators of the show and broadcast channel TVN.



Chapter 1: Love Me, Love Me Not

Chapter 2: Adventure Finds Those Who Seek It

Chapter 3: Only The Sea Knows

Chapter 4: Family Bond

Chapter 5: The Wounded Rabbit

Chapter 6: A Beautiful Name

Chapter 7: Welcome to Oktajeong

Chapter 8: An unseen reunion

Chapter 9: The Confession Part 1

Chapter 10: The Confession Part 2

Chapter 11: My mind is full of you

Chapter 12: A dream team

Chapter 13: The Portrait

Chapter 14: The Game of Sunjang Baduk

Chapter 15: The Village Date

Chapter 16: A Cruel Woman

Chapter 17: Distancing

Chapter 18: Yours to Choose (M rated, Smut chapter)

Chapter 19: Completeness

Chapter 20: Walk Into the Darkness

Chapter 21: Screams in the Night

Chapter 22: As the world caves in

Chapter 23: The stillness of the night

Chapter 24: The chaos of the day

Chapter 25: My strange wife

Chapter 26: Thorns on the delicate flower

Chapter 27: Misbehaved royals (M rated, Smut chapter)

Chapter 28: This is our first day (again) (M rated, Smut chapter)

To be continued…

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