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I’m Orla Dark and welcome to my blog! Here I will share my thoughts on my favorite k-dramas and write reviews. But mostly, it’s my safe place to share my writing in the fanfic section where I share my creative writing on tv shows\movies\books I love because moving on is so hard for me. I do not own any of those characters and settings, they belong to their respective owners and broadcast companies. I’m just having fun and I hope you will like it too.

For the title, I wish to thank the actor Kim Jung Hyun. “Like The First Snow” is the song Kim Jung Hyun wrote himself for my favorite Korean drama “Mr. Queen” where he played King Cheoljong.

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Chapter 4: A Face to Remember

The palace was always crowded with countless faces: eunuchs in their emerald-colored robes with black headpieces and maids with braids tied on top of their heads in strictly one hairstyle. There were also various court officials whose attire colors and embroideries differed based on rank.

Those faces could change every day, and Wonbeom didn’t care because the personalities behind them didn’t matter. All of them were someone’s spies. How he slept, what he ate, every book he read, every sideways glance – all were reported to someone.

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Chapter 2: A Wish on a Star

Wonbeom’s hideout from the heavy rain reminded him of Kim Soyong. Their first meeting could be described as an accidental encounter from a typical romance novel with long stares and a surprising connection formed between the two.

Now Wonbeom was stuck under the same roof however the woman who stood by his side only appeared as Soyong but in fact was someone else entirely. Wonbeom used to be a powerless puppet King, now he reigns in full strength yet he can’t bring Soyong back. Some things even the Kings cannot do. That led him to make a wish at one starry night when the skies looked like falling:

“I wish Soyong could find her way home”

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Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Soyong dreamed of warm summer nights. The paper lanterns were hung around the gazebo with a great view of the mountains against the starry night sky. She sat on the cushion with her gayageum on her lap playing her father’s favorite melody. Her dad as always proudly praised her skills and her orabeoni Kim Byeong-in smiled nodding in agreement. The next melody Soyong has chosen to play is for him, something very difficult so she can impress him even more.

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The Royal Tango

AU where Kim Soyong comes back to Joseon from the 21st century and discovers that everyone knew she was away, her family is punished for their bad deeds and her father is under home arrest. Facing new challenges, Soyong must find a way to save herself and her father from the King’s vengeance. But she doesn’t know that the King’s perception of her also changed.

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Evillive: ep1-2 opinion

The new ENA’s drama “Evillive” tells the story of a humble lawyer Han Dong Soo (Shin Ha Kyun). He visits prisoners that don’t have any lawyers and represents them. They often laugh at him for it because he takes the “scraps”: cases no one wants to bother with. His wife works in the supermarket, and he takes care of his niece and pays hospital bills for his mother who has Alzheimer’s. His half-brother doesn’t have much in life as well: he works in a store where he sells second-hand computers or tries to fix them. He comes up with cases for his brother for a little percentage.

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A Good Day to Be a Dog: ep1-2 opinion

“A Good Day to Be a Dog” is MBC’s new Wednesday drama and tells a story about school teacher Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) who suffers from a curse that her family has been having since the Joseon era. If she kisses a guy then for the 100 days she will turn into a dog at midnight and return to her human form only at 6 am. The curse could be broken if the same person kisses her in her dog form again, proving that their feelings are real. But she has only 100 days for this; if she fails, she will have to continue living as a dog.

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My dearest: Part 1

Look out for your hearts because this Korean drama will break them and let the pieces ache as crazy. “My Dearest” is MBC’s 2 part drama set in Joseon’s dynasty during the Qing invasion (Jan. 3, 1637 to Feb. 24, 1637). For 10 episodes of part 1, we will see horrendous times of invasion and its results, all that with the main lead trying and failing to be together. Hearts were broken, women and men died, and tons of tears were fallen but this masterpiece drama is worth every single tear. All that with the complicated love story between a noble Lady Gil Chae and a scoundrel-like man Jang Hyun playing out.

The drama is loosely based on the American book (and very popular old Hollywood movie) “Gone with the Wind”. While some plot points were borrowed, Koreans made the drama and characters original enough to stand out on their own. I read the book once and watched the movie a lot but it was a long time ago. However, in this review, I will refer to it to point out similarities and changes.

Read the rest only if you watched already or don’t mind spoilers.

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Chapter 32: The Royal Family’s Greetings

When Wonbeom decides something he becomes unstoppable…and maybe a bit too diligent. At least this is what his wife told him at one point in her second pregnancy. She had asked him to go all in and not skip anything related to the prenatal activities, but she still ended up complaining he had overdone it. His never-consistent wife sometimes reminds him of a cat, one that asks for a pat and then bites the hand.

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