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I’m Orla Dark and welcome to my blog! Here I will share my thoughts on my favorite k-dramas and write reviews. But mostly, it’s my safe place to share my writing in the fanfic section where I share my creative writing on tv shows\movies\books I love because moving on is so hard for me. I do not own any of those characters and settings, they belong to their respective owners and broadcast companies. I’m just having fun and I hope you will like it too.

For the title, I wish to thank the actor Kim Jung Hyun. “Like The First Snow” is the song Kim Jung Hyun wrote himself for my favorite Korean drama “Mr. Queen” where he played King Cheoljong.

The site’s header photo is by freestocks on Unsplash

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The glory: a story of Blooming and Wilting

The Netflix original kdrama “The Glory” tells a typical revenge story. The female lead, Moon Dong Eun, was severely assaulted and bullied in high school. Her scars will burn and itch her whole life, she will never forget what happened to her. For 18 years she worked hard and planned to come back in the life of her bullies to get her revenge.

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Decoy: the story of one fraud out of millions

The kdrama “Decoy” tells a story about a Ponzi scheme fraud. In my mother language (and maybe in others, I’m not sure) it’s called a financial pyramid. The fraud is simple, you invest money and get profit because more people are investing. All pyramid’s like that always collapse, it never happens any other way. So if anyone tells you they know how to gain a lot of money easily – run.

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Chapter 28: This is our first day (again)

The nights in Wonbeom’s life had been painted in horrors of his countless nightmares and fears which only grew worse when he stepped foot on the inner palace grounds for the first time.

The following mornings started with headaches Wonbeom had to soothe with calming jasmine tea.

His days were full of humiliation from the people who executed his whole family under false accusations of treason. Those horrible people sincerely thought he must be grateful to them for becoming their puppet King.

Plotting against the people in power who led Joseon to poverty and destruction was a challenging task, but Wonbeom did not give up. From a boy who had to run away, he grew into a man who stayed and fought.

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Chapter 27: Misbehaved royals

When Soyong hears “His Majesty” and “training field” in one sentence, a mix of worry and anger rises in her.

It is too soon for any training activities… What is Wonbeom thinking?

Considering how her friend is concerned too, it must be very serious, but Soyong doesn’t bother to hear the end of the sentence. She runs across the palace yard, between various hanoks1Hanok – a house., taking the shortcut to the training field. She used to spy on Wonbeom’s training all the time, and she knows the shortest path there by heart.

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    Hanok – a house.

Chapter 26: Thorns on the delicate flower

Inner court business keeps Soyong busy the whole morning and by noon she already feels completely exhausted.

Her day started with waking up next to Wonbeom, and as a worried wife, the first thing she did was carefully check his heartbeat and whether he had a fever or not. Only after making sure he was alright could she peacefully observe his sleeping features, which she could not resist as a woman in love. Time passed slowly and Soyong wished to wait until he woke up; however, she had too many plans and she reasoned that the sooner she started, the sooner she would be finished and able to meet her husband again. Giving him the sleep he needed, Soyong briefly kissed his cheek before she quietly left his chambers to attend to her plans for the day.

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Call it love: the perfect angst

New episodes of Disney+ melodrama “Call it love” continues to deliver the well-written melancholic plot. By watching this show I get the right amount of angst. The one where the heart is ache, how sad you feel for the characters. That almost break, or the feeling when the brink of the edge is near but the characters balance on it and only time will tell if will they save themselves or fall. Both Woo Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) and Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang) are currently in that almost fall from the cliff state and maybe if they decide to sincerely hold each other, they will be able to survive.

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Call it love: the calm appearance of the storm inside

“Call it love” is a new Disney+ kdrama that tells the story of Sim Woo-Joo (Lee Sung Kyung), a woman who wants to take revenge on the son of a mistress who, alongside Woo Joo’s father, destroyed her family. And Han Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang), the said son of the mistress, who also a victim of his mother’s scheming.

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Chapter 25: My strange wife

Wonbeom’s dream is a mix of pain and confusion. His heavy chest suddenly struggles to breathe, and every movement echoes painfully through his whole body. As time passes, even more dizziness comes, but the pain mercifully slowly dulls down.

In his dream, Wonbeom sees his future wife, the Destined Highness, tenderly taking care of his wounds. Her kind voice softly assures him everything will be alright soon.

She is plotting something, he initially thinks. Probably trying to win his affection to help her clan claim complete control over him.

Wonbeom wonders if he has gone mad for wanting her constant presence beside him even if it is a part of her cunning scheme.

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Can we be strangers?

The new ENA’s kdrama “Strangers again” show us the world of divorce lawyers. Almost in each episode, we get an interesting divorce case, from a celebrity divorce to ordinary people with genders reversed in the typical story, from a strong boss woman and lazy husband to simply a case of break up where the dog as a family member is the center of the argument.

The main characters, Oh Ha Ra and Ku Eun Beom, once were madly in love and a married couple who divorced 2 years ago because of cheating. But once we dive deep into their lives, as they start to work in one firm, we find out more complex parts of their conflict.

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