Chapter 32: The Royal Family’s Greetings

When Wonbeom decides something he becomes unstoppable…and maybe a bit too diligent. At least this is what his wife told him at one point in her second pregnancy. She had asked him to go all in and not skip anything related to the prenatal activities, but she still ended up complaining he had overdone it. His never-consistent wife sometimes reminds him of a cat, one that asks for a pat and then bites the hand.

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Chapter 30: A Man and a Woman on a Mission

The scarlet Gonryongpo1Gonryongpo – Scarlett dragon robe. slips off Wonbeom’s shoulders…

The crown is placed on the table.

The white, almost see-through hanbok2Hanbok – a general word for clothes. covers Wonbeom’s bare chest.

The knot ties his clothes together.

Wonbeom’s steps are slow.

He feels the refreshing cold of the wooden floors as he steps barefoot down the hallway to the bath chambers. He whistles some silly song, locking his hands behind his back.

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    Gonryongpo – Scarlett dragon robe.
  • 2
    Hanbok – a general word for clothes.

Chapter 2: The Minefield

“He did it again. Can you believe it?” Soyong furiously paces back and forth by the lake, just in front of the stone with Bong Hwan’s message carved in.

All of her servants keep a healthy distance as they wait on the bridge behind the pavilion. If she hadn’t just shouted, no one would hear her here and she could have some privacy, but Soyong is so angry that she can’t restrain herself.

She is in the final days of her pregnancy: the royal physician says she will deliver the royal baby soon and everyone is fussing about it more than usual. The pressure she feels makes her even more irritated and she finds herself needing to let her steam out — especially when her stubborn husband doesn’t follow her request for distancing.

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Chapter 21: Screams in the Night

Soyong saw it many times while she was working at the Park estate: Yul Mu coming home from Oktajeong1Oktajeong is a kisaeng house. completely drunk with traces of rouge all over his collar and face. Her spies inside the kisaeng house told Soyong he always stayed longer than the other men, bragging to the women how great his life is going to be after all the misery he had endured. They said he acted as if he wanted to catch up on all his missed opportunities of a life of luxury all at once.

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    Oktajeong is a kisaeng house.

Chapter 19: Completeness

Kim Soyong has always been inconsistent, saying and doing whatever she puts her mind to. But one thing is constant: she runs away after intimacy.

It is always this way: Wonbeom takes a step forward and she takes two steps back. Maybe it is his punishment for the way things were in their past, when no matter how hard Soyong tried to get along with him, he always turned his back on her.

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