Chapter 4: Aum’s greetings

Wonbeom always thought about himself as a patient man. After all, even his plans to avenge his family and take over the throne were thoughtfully plotted for two years.

So even though he can’t catch the moment when his baby kicks in Soyong’s womb, he isn’t upset. It’s just not the time for him to feel it yet.

“I am sorry, Your Majesty,” Soyong murmurs in a sorrowful voice, still pressing his palms against her belly. “The baby was kicking just a moment ago!”

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Chapter 3: The flower that lost its freedom

A gentle wind sways willows leaves on long slim branches making calming almost musical noise. Twenty fifth King of Joseon, King Cheoljong, also known by his given name Wonbeom, is enjoying his walk by the gardens and big green fields that are a part of the palace. His mood is up today because he’s going to meet his beloved future wife. Correction, second wife. But in his heart, she’s one and only. The gardens are full of various beautiful flowers and blooming trees but none of them is exactly what Wonbeom is looking for.

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King’s Choice

Kim So Yong tells Cheoljong about Bong Hwan’s departure and raises the question that concerns her the most.

Post-finale serious talk about Bong Hwan that we all missed. As much as I love how the show ended, I hate unresolved questions and I’m sure Soyong shared her experience with Cheoljong. She is a person who didn’t want to live in a lie, so I have zero doubts she never told her husband about the chef.

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Chapter 1: Winter song

This is flashback chapter after the confession about the spirit and before the labor. Set in December.

Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles as song inspiration Crowned clown promo picture became the major inspiration for this chapter.


Kim Hwan knows he’s not the brightest member of the family, and to some degree, he likes that since no one expects much from him. But he also knows he’s a man of many talents. When he helped the King and Queen win their battle he was finally noticed. He received a government post that allows him to travel often and do what he’s best at – make friends.

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