Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight

This is the series of one-shots dedicated to the main story Meet me Halfway. Just like
Bamboo Forest eps, I will share here some parts that weren’t included in the main story but belong to that universe.

Also, Meet me is now a series, as I plan to continue this universe with other stories and maybe with some AU’s since the plot changed but some parts were too good to throw away.

Disclaimer: all characters of “Mr.Queen” (“Queen Cheorin”) tv show doesn’t belong to me, I have no financial profit from those stories. All characters and settings of the show belong to the rightful owners and creators of the show and broadcast channel TVN.


Chapter 1: Winter song

Chapter 2: The Minefield

Chapter 3: Happy Together

Chapter 4: Not an ordinary lady

Chapter 5: Pillow talk (M rated)

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