Chapter 21: Screams in the Night

Soyong saw it many times while she was working at the Park estate: Yul Mu coming home from Oktajeong1Oktajeong is a kisaeng house. completely drunk with traces of rouge all over his collar and face. Her spies inside the kisaeng house told Soyong he always stayed longer than the other men, bragging to the women how great his life is going to be after all the misery he had endured. They said he acted as if he wanted to catch up on all his missed opportunities of a life of luxury all at once.

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    Oktajeong is a kisaeng house.

Chapter 20: Walk Into the Darkness

Soyong nestles deeper into Wonbeom’s warm embrace, breathing in his scent, a comforting mix of jasmine and fir. Her back is pressed against his chest and he whispers into her ear about all the things he wishes for them to do together.

She feels safe. At peace. Loved.

Soyong wants the whole world to stop for a moment and let her capture everything about the love of her life to memory.

Her fate. Her husband. Her everything, alongside Hyun-ki.

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