The Royal Tango

AU where Kim Soyong comes back to Joseon from the 21st century and discovers that everyone knew she was away, her family is punished for their bad deeds and her father is under home arrest. Facing new challenges, Soyong must find a way to save herself and her father from the King’s vengeance. But she doesn’t know that the King’s perception of her also changed.

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Chapter 2: You Never Forget Your First

Everyone has a favorite part of their day and for Cheoljong it is when the Head Eunuchs informs him that the appeals are finished for the day.

After that announcement, the King is free to do whatever he pleases. He may dedicate the rest of the day to training or studying, but today he has more important and enjoyable activities in mind. Today he has dinner planned with his Queen in Daejojeon Hall1Daejojeon Hall – Queen of Joseon residence after the wedding.. And maybe more than just dinner, he hopes.

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    Daejojeon Hall – Queen of Joseon residence after the wedding.

Песнь Феникса

АУ без вмешательства Джанг Бон Хвана.
После неудачной попытки самоубийства, Ким Сойонг принимает решение плыть по течению и не высовываться. Но естественно подобное не устраивает клан Кимов: Сойонг должна принести пользу своей семье, живой или мёртвой. Поэтому, заручившись
поддержкой своего отца и кузена Ким Бьён Ина, Сойонг решает разрушить собственный
клан изнутри и установить новые порядки. Только так она сможет спокойно вздохнуть
и жить дальше.

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Meet me halfway

After our royal couple successfully defeated the Andong Kim and Pungyang Jo clans, life was supposed to be easy for them. But of course, nothing is easy with a woman like Queen Kim Soyong. As she tells the King about the possession with Jang Bong Hwan’s spirit, difficult times start for their marriage. While Soyong believes the King never loved her, Cheoljong struggles to understand his wife once more, as she keeps avoiding him.

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