Chapter 28: This is our first day (again)

The nights in Wonbeom’s life had been painted in horrors of his countless nightmares and fears which only grew worse when he stepped foot on the inner palace grounds for the first time.

The following mornings started with headaches Wonbeom had to soothe with calming jasmine tea.

His days were full of humiliation from the people who executed his whole family under false accusations of treason. Those horrible people sincerely thought he must be grateful to them for becoming their puppet King.

Plotting against the people in power who led Joseon to poverty and destruction was a challenging task, but Wonbeom did not give up. From a boy who had to run away, he grew into a man who stayed and fought.

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Chapter 27: Misbehaved royals

When Soyong hears “His Majesty” and “training field” in one sentence, a mix of worry and anger rises in her.

It is too soon for any training activities… What is Wonbeom thinking?

Considering how her friend is concerned too, it must be very serious, but Soyong doesn’t bother to hear the end of the sentence. She runs across the palace yard, between various hanoks1Hanok – a house., taking the shortcut to the training field. She used to spy on Wonbeom’s training all the time, and she knows the shortest path there by heart.

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    Hanok – a house.

Chapter 4: Queen’s lover

Every new day without seeing the King feels like torture for Soyong. She promised herself that she would give him space to think everything through, but as time passes by she becomes more and more distressed. She is so anxious these days that Court Lady Choi and Hong Yeon start worrying for her health.

Soyong gave Cheoljong an uneasy task, she understands that. He needs to make an important and life-changing decision. But at the same time, she is scared. She knows now that even without the King’s love she will be able to find her happiness inside the palace. But her heart aches for his love. Craves it.

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Chapter 21: Screams in the Night

Soyong saw it many times while she was working at the Park estate: Yul Mu coming home from Oktajeong1Oktajeong is a kisaeng house. completely drunk with traces of rouge all over his collar and face. Her spies inside the kisaeng house told Soyong he always stayed longer than the other men, bragging to the women how great his life is going to be after all the misery he had endured. They said he acted as if he wanted to catch up on all his missed opportunities of a life of luxury all at once.

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    Oktajeong is a kisaeng house.

Chapter 19: Completeness

Kim Soyong has always been inconsistent, saying and doing whatever she puts her mind to. But one thing is constant: she runs away after intimacy.

It is always this way: Wonbeom takes a step forward and she takes two steps back. Maybe it is his punishment for the way things were in their past, when no matter how hard Soyong tried to get along with him, he always turned his back on her.

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Chapter 18: Yours to Choose

I know that we’re both afraid
We both made the same mistakes
An open heart is an open wound to you
And in the wind of a heavy choice
Love has a quiet voice
Still your mind, now I’m yours to choose…

Christina Perry – “The words”

Rain drops fall on Wonbeom’s face in the chilly night. In the darkness of the night his sword sheens with every movement. Without an opponent to draw his attention, he gets lost in his own thoughts.

He doesn’t want to start another fight with his Queen, so he has once again decided to give her however much space she needs. Tomorrow’s mission is too important for them to risk with distress from another argument.

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Meet me halfway

After our royal couple successfully defeated the Andong Kim and Pungyang Jo clans, life was supposed to be easy for them. But of course, nothing is easy with a woman like Queen Kim Soyong. As she tells the King about the possession with Jang Bong Hwan’s spirit, difficult times start for their marriage. While Soyong believes the King never loved her, Cheoljong struggles to understand his wife once more, as she keeps avoiding him.

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