The glory: a story of Blooming and Wilting

The Netflix original kdrama “The Glory” tells a typical revenge story. The female lead, Moon Dong Eun, was severely assaulted and bullied in high school. Her scars will burn and itch her whole life, she will never forget what happened to her. For 18 years she worked hard and planned to come back in the life of her bullies to get her revenge.

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Decoy: the story of one fraud out of millions

The kdrama “Decoy” tells a story about a Ponzi scheme fraud. In my mother language (and maybe in others, I’m not sure) it’s called a financial pyramid. The fraud is simple, you invest money and get profit because more people are investing. All pyramid’s like that always collapse, it never happens any other way. So if anyone tells you they know how to gain a lot of money easily – run.

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Call it love: the perfect angst

New episodes of Disney+ melodrama “Call it love” continues to deliver the well-written melancholic plot. By watching this show I get the right amount of angst. The one where the heart is ache, how sad you feel for the characters. That almost break, or the feeling when the brink of the edge is near but the characters balance on it and only time will tell if will they save themselves or fall. Both Woo Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) and Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang) are currently in that almost fall from the cliff state and maybe if they decide to sincerely hold each other, they will be able to survive.

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Call it love: the calm appearance of the storm inside

“Call it love” is a new Disney+ kdrama that tells the story of Sim Woo-Joo (Lee Sung Kyung), a woman who wants to take revenge on the son of a mistress who, alongside Woo Joo’s father, destroyed her family. And Han Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang), the said son of the mistress, who also a victim of his mother’s scheming.

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Can we be strangers?

The new ENA’s kdrama “Strangers again” show us the world of divorce lawyers. Almost in each episode, we get an interesting divorce case, from a celebrity divorce to ordinary people with genders reversed in the typical story, from a strong boss woman and lazy husband to simply a case of break up where the dog as a family member is the center of the argument.

The main characters, Oh Ha Ra and Ku Eun Beom, once were madly in love and a married couple who divorced 2 years ago because of cheating. But once we dive deep into their lives, as they start to work in one firm, we find out more complex parts of their conflict.

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The 5th season

The story of Kokdu: season of deity continues as the feelings between Gye Jeol and Kokdu evolve. Now when the kiss happened and Kokdu finally heard his past name, Oh Hyun, the curse-breaking plot speeds up. We are only on episodes 5 and 6 but so many things happened, from facing clingy ex to discovering their own places in each other’s lives. The detective part starts to play out too, as now we must discover the mystery of the list and expose the corruption of Pilseong hospital.

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The First Responders ost part 1

Season 1 of the new SBS show “The First Responders” is come to an end and I want to highlight the amazing ost of the show.

We have a mix of dynamic badass tracks but because the show touches a lot of sensitive topics, the ost contains ballads too.

KIHYUN sings “You’re dancing like a devil Oh Step into the fire I’m on higher” in the track “Fire” used at the end of each episode while another track is rap by Paloalto – Rescue with another powerful lyric “Save with this dedication and courage Without fear, every day”, those are very dynamic parts of the ost.

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