Chapter 10: The Confession Part 2

Wonbeom is alone.

His study is illuminated by a few candles, and in the dim light he sits completely alone with alcohol and snacks in front of him. Darkness is more suited for him now than the light. After losing family members all his life, he has become accustomed to being lonely. He had thought it would never happen to him again.

What a fool he had been. How did his sincere concern for his wife turn into this nightmare?

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Chapter 9: The Confession Part 1

This is a flashback of times after the show’s finale when Soyong finally opens up about Bong Hwan.

This might feel out of character but considering Soyong’s depression before the show and her pregnancy now, she’s more sensitive and a bit confused herself. From her Cheoljong is cruel but from his pov Soyong is cruel. It’s just very hard times for them, a rock bottom. How they overcome it is the key to strong relationships.

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