Chapter 2: The Minefield

“He did it again. Can you believe it?” Soyong furiously paces back and forth by the lake, just in front of the stone with Bong Hwan’s message carved in.

All of her servants keep a healthy distance as they wait on the bridge behind the pavilion. If she hadn’t just shouted, no one would hear her here and she could have some privacy, but Soyong is so angry that she can’t restrain herself.

She is in the final days of her pregnancy: the royal physician says she will deliver the royal baby soon and everyone is fussing about it more than usual. The pressure she feels makes her even more irritated and she finds herself needing to let her steam out — especially when her stubborn husband doesn’t follow her request for distancing.

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Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight

This is the series of one-shots dedicated to the main story Meet me Halfway. Just like
Bamboo Forest eps, I will share here some parts that weren’t included in the main story but belong to that universe.

Also, Meet me is now a series, as I plan to continue this universe with other stories and maybe with some AU’s since the plot changed but some parts were too good to throw away.

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