King’s Choice

Kim So Yong tells Cheoljong about Bong Hwan’s departure and raises the question that concerns her the most.

Post-finale serious talk about Bong Hwan that we all missed. As much as I love how the show ended, I hate unresolved questions and I’m sure Soyong shared her experience with Cheoljong. She is a person who didn’t want to live in a lie, so I have zero doubts she never told her husband about the chef.

This was my very first MrQueen fanfic, so give me some slack for it being simply written and short. “Meet me Halfway” touches the same theme much deeper.

As always, special thanks to Sarah for her support and edit skills that makes this work readable.

Disclaimer: all characters of “Mr.Queen” (“Queen Cheorin”) tv show doesn’t belong to me, I have no financial profit from those stories. All characters and settings of the show belong to the rightful owners and creators of the show and broadcast channel TVN.


Chapter 1: Queen’s Offer

Chapter 2: King’s decision

Chapter 3: King’s nightmares

Chapter 4: Queen’s Lover


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