Chapter 24: The chaos of the day

Red has always been one of Soyong’s favorite colors and she loves to use different tones in her clothes and makeup, and even in embroidery with bright flowers or a beautiful sunset. And of course, her dreams of the King were filled with a beautiful scarlet Gonryongpo1Gonryongpo – Scarlett dragon robe..

Now Soyong rejects the red jeogori2Jeogori – is an upper garment. Also could be named dangui. Court Lady Choi offers for the royal conference. Instead, Soyong uses a matte green one with a pastel yellow chima3Chima – a skirt. and jewelry inspired by the forest leaves. It’s not her usual fierce look when she goes to battle, but the blood from her nightmare doesn’t let go and she doesn’t need an extra source of anxiety.

“How do I look?” Soyong asks her friends once Yeon finishes applying an intense pink balm on her lips.

“Like a fairy,” Hong Yeon quickly responds, causing Soyong’s shy smile.

People rarely called her that because of her bad temper in the past. “Harpy” was the word servants in the palace liked the most. Her father used to refer to her as a quivering doe for her delicate and obeying nature when she was still living in her natal home. Her orabeoni4Orabeoni – how sister refers to her brother in the family. loved nothing more than to tease her, calling her a stubborn mule.

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  • 1
    Gonryongpo – Scarlett dragon robe.
  • 2
    Jeogori – is an upper garment. Also could be named dangui.
  • 3
    Chima – a skirt.
  • 4
    Orabeoni – how sister refers to her brother in the family.

Chapter 22: As the world caves in

Soyong felt death’s cold presence ever since she was young.

She was born in exchange for her mother’s life and the guilt over that never left her. Every single birthday she was reminded about her family’s loss.

Instead of celebrating growing older, she had memorial day rituals and her usually cheerful dad wishing her a happy birthday in a sorrowful tone. On those days she always felt miserable and thought about death more than a young lady should.

The emptiness in her heart and constant desire to prove her worth to the family and her father led Soyong to her breaking point. She wanted to meet her mother so desperately, and when she was the most vulnerable, Soyong heard the solution: death could reunite her with her late mother.

Reading the book her mother once owned wasn’t enough for Soyong anymore and she decided to take that radical piece of advice.

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