Call it love: the perfect angst

New episodes of Disney+ melodrama “Call it love” continues to deliver the well-written melancholic plot. By watching this show I get the right amount of angst. The one where the heart is ache, how sad you feel for the characters. That almost break, or the feeling when the brink of the edge is near but the characters balance on it and only time will tell if will they save themselves or fall. Both Woo Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) and Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang) are currently in that almost fall from the cliff state and maybe if they decide to sincerely hold each other, they will be able to survive.

The best revenge

What is the best revenge a person can give to someone who hurt him\her? Woo Joo thinks pretty radical, she thinks making your opponent suffer is the best revenge. While Dong Jin thinks softer: “isn’t my happiness the best revenge?”. And I felt when he said that, he didn’t mean his ex-girlfriend alone but maybe his mother too. Maybe by doing a fair business and living honestly, he shows his mother an example of how a person can still live comfortably without destroying lives and families.

I absolutely love how characters influence each other. I usually don’t like when kdramas show us flashbacks of the scene that literally just happened but it very fits into the plot here. Woo Joo hears the other point of view from Dong Jin and vice versa. Together they maybe find a way to heal and change for the best. They both are not bad people and their change is more personal, so they must start to treat themselves better.

Side characters

The stories of other characters are interesting too and they intertwined with each other. The younger sister is trying to start a relationship with a guy from her work without knowing he’s her little’s brother’s friend. The ex-girlfriend is trying to help Dong Jin with his business and maybe give money to his mother in secret. Well, maybe not everyone intertwined with each other but the stories connected one way or another and nothing feels off.

I still adore friendships on the show. Both Jun and Sun Woo show the needed support for the main characters and overall sunshines. Another highlight of the last episodes is Woo Joo’s little brother, he’s genially hilarious, I hope he becomes a singer as he wishes.

The scenery

After 6 episodes I must admit this pinkish color was a really interesting director’s choice for the kdrama. I couldn’t find the Director’s quote but I read it was a deliberate choice and coloring was chosen as the colors of the dawn. Unfortunately, the quote is harder to find. But while I was searching I found a review that said it made a headache for the viewer. Maybe it’s just a matter of preferences or maybe my OLED screen on the laptop shows colors better but it looks dope on my side and I rather like this choice.

I also want to praise the cinematography of the show, the wide shots, and the beautiful places, look very pretty. I recently watched a video from one of my fav comedians who visited Korea and he mentioned how much he liked Seoul and its light “the light beckoned me” and while watching “Call it love” I felt that. The lights from café and restaurants, from parks, and highlighted text on a bus stop, look like flames to the moth.  

What’s next?

Seems like Dong Jin tried to find Woo Joo as the victim of his mother’s actions but he doesn’t know it’s her. Maybe he finds out pretty soon who she really is and it will be interesting how their relationship evolves. They are pretty much in love with each other at this point even if they don’t show it specifically. But undertones of sadness from their scars and broken lives make this love so angsty.

And Dong Jin’s ex-girlfriend probably gave Dong Jin’s mother money. That’s truly bizarre to me with which tone that horrible woman asks for money from her son’s ex-girlfriend. I hope she didn’t give it but she feels so guilty, that her mind is blurred.

And how they will save their business? They found money, now they need to do something. I wonder if those people, who are close to Dong Jin, are the family he had from his mother’s scheming. Ahjossi from the camp who can afford an expensive apartment? Maybe he was one of the ex-husbands of Dong Jin’s mother or maybe failed victim who dodged the bullet and didn’t marry her. The guy who fixes cars? He could be a brother Dong Jin had in one of the families. There’s a possibility they are tied with Dong Jin differently but wouldn’t it be more interesting if they are from his past families? His mother might be destroyed many lives but those people from broken families might love Dong Jin because he’s a good guy.

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