Chapter 25: My strange wife

Wonbeom’s dream is a mix of pain and confusion. His heavy chest suddenly struggles to breathe, and every movement echoes painfully through his whole body. As time passes, even more dizziness comes, but the pain mercifully slowly dulls down.

In his dream, Wonbeom sees his future wife, the Destined Highness, tenderly taking care of his wounds. Her kind voice softly assures him everything will be alright soon.

She is plotting something, he initially thinks. Probably trying to win his affection to help her clan claim complete control over him.

Wonbeom wonders if he has gone mad for wanting her constant presence beside him even if it is a part of her cunning scheme.

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Can we be strangers?

The new ENA’s kdrama “Strangers again” show us the world of divorce lawyers. Almost in each episode, we get an interesting divorce case, from a celebrity divorce to ordinary people with genders reversed in the typical story, from a strong boss woman and lazy husband to simply a case of break up where the dog as a family member is the center of the argument.

The main characters, Oh Ha Ra and Ku Eun Beom, once were madly in love and a married couple who divorced 2 years ago because of cheating. But once we dive deep into their lives, as they start to work in one firm, we find out more complex parts of their conflict.

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The 5th season

The story of Kokdu: season of deity continues as the feelings between Gye Jeol and Kokdu evolve. Now when the kiss happened and Kokdu finally heard his past name, Oh Hyun, the curse-breaking plot speeds up. We are only on episodes 5 and 6 but so many things happened, from facing clingy ex to discovering their own places in each other’s lives. The detective part starts to play out too, as now we must discover the mystery of the list and expose the corruption of Pilseong hospital.

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Chapter 4 Not an ordinary lady

There were days in Wonbeom’s life when he avoided his future wife under any excuse he could come up with. The reason did not matter as long as he could be away from the one woman who made him feel so confused about his own feelings.

Being from the Kim clan, Soyong was the incarnation of everything he despised: a corrupt and spoiled woman. Just like her whole family, she didn’t hesitate to bribe the eunuchs to gain more information about the King.

Wonbeom doubted she had ever faced rejection in her life. And he knew his refusal to meet with her probably left her questioning what was wrong with him.

Many things were wrong with Wonbeom: his deceased family, his brokenness and nightmares, his weakness in the eyes of the whole palace… and his dark secret. The one he hid deep down. A secret that could have destroyed him completely: Wonbeom liked that spoiled, cruel woman.

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