Decoy: the story of one fraud out of millions

The kdrama “Decoy” tells a story about a Ponzi scheme fraud. In my mother language (and maybe in others, I’m not sure) it’s called a financial pyramid. The fraud is simple, you invest money and get profit because more people are investing. All pyramid’s like that always collapse, it never happens any other way. So if anyone tells you they know how to gain a lot of money easily – run.

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Chapter 28: This is our first day (again)

The nights in Wonbeom’s life had been painted in horrors of his countless nightmares and fears which only grew worse when he stepped foot on the inner palace grounds for the first time.

The following mornings started with headaches Wonbeom had to soothe with calming jasmine tea.

His days were full of humiliation from the people who executed his whole family under false accusations of treason. Those horrible people sincerely thought he must be grateful to them for becoming their puppet King.

Plotting against the people in power who led Joseon to poverty and destruction was a challenging task, but Wonbeom did not give up. From a boy who had to run away, he grew into a man who stayed and fought.

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