Can we be strangers?

The new ENA’s kdrama “Strangers again” show us the world of divorce lawyers. Almost in each episode, we get an interesting divorce case, from a celebrity divorce to ordinary people with genders reversed in the typical story, from a strong boss woman and lazy husband to simply a case of break up where the dog as a family member is the center of the argument.

The main characters, Oh Ha Ra and Ku Eun Beom, once were madly in love and a married couple who divorced 2 years ago because of cheating. But once we dive deep into their lives, as they start to work in one firm, we find out more complex parts of their conflict.

Can love conquer everything?

At first, I thought Ha Ra and Eun Beom is meant to be apart and the story is about them really becoming strangers as the title of the show suggests. After divorce, both partners go separate ways and the title shows it well. But nothing is ever over, people share memories and history together so they can’t completely become strangers for real.

Ha Ra eventually finds out the true meaning of their break up and cheating has nothing to do with it. The reason is rather simple, Eun Beom loves her dearly but they are not comparable in domestic life. Ok, those things could be resolved with communication and separate bedrooms. After all, they are truly madly in love!

But that’s not all, unfortunately, the other reason is a baby issue. Ha Ra wants a baby and Eun Beom doesn’t. This is something that can’t be resolved easily. In comparison we have another couple: Bi-Chwi and Si-Wook (say hi to Director Hong from MrQueen), she wants a career and he wants a baby. She’s a modern feminist woman and he is an old-fashioned typical man. But somehow they find a compromise. He becomes a househusband and she focuses on her career. When Eun Beom asks his friend if he’s ok sitting at home and doing all the cleaning, Si-Wook simply says “My mom always does it”, simple as that, he doesn’t see anything bad in doing something considered feminine. The work is the work.

Of course, the wanting and doesn’t wanting a baby in Ha Ra’s and Eun Beom’s case can’t be solved that easily. In Episode 10 we find out why and it’s truly heartbreaking. And I think a major misunderstanding is happening as I don’t see Ha Ra pushing him into having a baby after she found out why he doesn’t want it.

Overall, I love this drama for its good consistent writing and great case. The divorce stories are interesting and I love that they are usually tied to people in the firm, we see them from another side as they represent their clients in court. Six episodes left and I’m curious to know how Ha Ra’s and Eun Beom’s relationship will end. Will they give it another go or it’s the story of moving on?

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