The 5th season

The story of Kokdu: season of deity continues as the feelings between Gye Jeol and Kokdu evolve. Now when the kiss happened and Kokdu finally heard his past name, Oh Hyun, the curse-breaking plot speeds up. We are only on episodes 5 and 6 but so many things happened, from facing clingy ex to discovering their own places in each other’s lives. The detective part starts to play out too, as now we must discover the mystery of the list and expose the corruption of Pilseong hospital.

The story of belonging.

One of the ongoing stories of this show is acceptance.

Gye Jeol desperately wanted to be someone’s first, someone’s special person. So when Do Jin Woo said he choose her for the job in his hospital, she was so genuinely happy. Not only because she was falling in love but because she, someone who graduated from the worst medical university that shut down, someone who was dumped because another girl was better, finally was chosen and accepted. So her frustration when she realises Jin Woo’s true intentions was so heartbreaking.

On another part, we have Kokdu. A Deity of the Underworld, a lonely and hurt man who must find someone he doesn’t know, to break a curse he doesn’t remember why was cast on him. Kokdu wants acceptance too. He wants Gye Jeol to realize he’s not Jin Woo with memory loss. He wants to know, if he’s gone, will Gye Jeol miss him? Will he have a part in this world or he forever be just Jin Woo in her eyes? And while his reaction to his own table where he can put stickers with his, Kokdu’s, name on it is adorable and hilarious, it is also heartbreaking because it comes from deep loneliness and unacceptance.

Now when Kokdu is back in the Underworld and Jin Woo is back in his own body, Gye Jeol would have the opportunity to finally sense the true difference between both men. This is the challenge for her heart and in the end, Kokdu will get an answer to his question: is there any place for him in her life?

Do Jin Woo is back!

The unexpected but definitely pleasant surprise of coming back of Jin Woo will spice up the story for sure. As I pointed out before, it will be a test for Gye Jeol and her heart. However, Jin Woo has his own story to complete. Exposing bad guys, revealing the truth, and finding out who tried to kill him. This is an impressive to-do list he has there. Jin Woo apparently won’t be happy with the consequences of Kokdu’s misbehaviour. And he has every right to be mad and wish to clear his name! 

This comeback put viewers in an interesting position: should we root for Jin Woo or Kokdu? The body is one but there are two souls. Kokdu is a funny and lovable character, very complex and dark as well. He’s far more interesting. But Jin Woo is an innocent man, it’s not his fault Gye Jeol fall for Kokdu. It’s not his fault the curse exists and his body was borrowed by Kokdu. By wishing for Kokdu to come back, does it mean we as viewers wish for Jin Woo to die? If we wish for Jin Woo to live happily, does it mean we wish to rob Kokdu of his happy ending? I see many people already picked a side and it doesn’t mean they hate Jin Woo, they just love Kokdu more.

I don’t know the writer’s intentions with Jin Woo vs Kokdu dilemma. I can only hope for a happy ending for everyone. This is why one of my theories I had before the show even started: Jin Woo and Kokdu are both original Oh Hyun. One is an innocent perfect man, the other is a dark and cruel Deity of the Underworld. Maybe when they collide in one body they will be back to who they were before: Oh Hyun. I’m rooting for this theory to come true because I don’t wish for anyone to die.

What looking forward to in upcoming episodes?

First, the dynamic of the relationship between Gye Jeol and Jin Woo will be interesting. Gye Jeol will sense the difference and maybe will wish for Kokdu to be back. Jin Woo has many things to do, including his rivalry with Kokdu. I personally love to see more of Jin Woo and his story, I think we don’t have enough calm and nice characters in kdramas as the chaotic ones are funnier to look at. Also, there must be a scene in the surgeon’s room where Jin Woo and Gye Jeol will save a pregnant lady from the last episode.

On various platforms, I read criticism of Im Soo Hyang and I personally don’t share that notion. I think she plays her character well and her timing for comedy is right. I wish she shouted less when she cries but it’s apparently a PD’s choice so I wouldn’t put it against her. Gye Jeol has a very light personality and I love her devotion to her work. She is the doctor who saves lives, she always put her patients first and she’s exactly the person Kokdu needs by his side to grow as a person and get his redemption.

Throw anything in Kim Jung Hyun’s direction and he will play it brilliantly. The drama, the comedy, the ruthlessness, the action: there’s nothing he can’t do. Apart from fighting with the fashion department on those awful baggy clothes. Well, one can’t be perfect in everything.

The millions of expressions he shows as Kokdu, as his emotions are changeful as the storm in the ocean. On the opposite to Kokdu, Do Jin Woo is a calm sea, beautiful and flawless. Regardless of the plot, “Kokdu: season of deity” is worth watching for Kim Jung Hyun’s performance alone.

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  1. Pommi February 16, 2023 / 6:56 pm

    I read every single lines . You shared the same thought with me. And moreover, you exploded my point of another views on this drama. I don’t know I addict to your work or to drama from now. I will wait for both. I hope you can find time to write before next friday. See you soon.
    (Feb 16, 2023)

    • orladark February 16, 2023 / 6:58 pm

      Thank so much! ❤ the drama is really good and raise good questions 👏

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