The First Responders ost part 1

Season 1 of the new SBS show “The First Responders” is come to an end and I want to highlight the amazing ost of the show.

We have a mix of dynamic badass tracks but because the show touches a lot of sensitive topics, the ost contains ballads too.

KIHYUN sings “You’re dancing like a devil Oh Step into the fire I’m on higher” in the track “Fire” used at the end of each episode while another track is rap by Paloalto – Rescue with another powerful lyric “Save with this dedication and courage Without fear, every day”, those are very dynamic parts of the ost.

Jin Ho Gae (Kim Rae Won’s character) is very heartbroken, fellow characters even call him a mutt but he became their’s mutt and they all started to care about him. The lyrics highlight how much Ho Gae needs to rescue himself:

I wanna rest

Stay with me
I wanna sleep

take me now

Save me now from here

Another ballad represents the feelings of fireman Bong Do Jin (Son Ho-Jun) who have one-sided feelings for Song Seol (Gong Seung-Yeon) who works as a paramedic at the fire station, “Heaven For You” performed by CHEN:

It’s fine
Like a ray of light in the grey sky
It’s fine
Like a flower that will bloom in the dark
You and I can be together
Anywhere in the world
I’m fine
Follow that light
I will go to heaven for you
I will go to heaven for you

Continuing to explore a romantic part of the plot of the show with a beautiful romantic song is Sodia’s “The Name of You” which seems to be dedicated to Ho Gae’s evolving feelings for Song Seol:

When I put my hands on your hands in my cold heart,
I can feel the warmth in my body and make my heart race

And finally, a song for paramedic Song Seol, my favorite character and I hope in season 2 we find out more about her and why she left the hospital where she worked as a nurse to become a paramedic at the fire station. Performed by Rose “Hold My Breath”:

I’m in the rain with stand the pain alone
it burned me out but I won’t break down here

Listen “The First Responders” ost from Spotify and add to your playlist:

PS this is the first time I try to write something like a review for an ost and k-drama tracks, so it might look poorly written and made text\images wise but I hope I will improve with time.

Sources: Spotify, LyricsTranslate

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